Pandora: Rip & Save Pandora Music to MP3 for Free

Now, you didn't hear it here, and this is definitely NOT endorsed by Pandora, but you can rip music from Pandora using a few simple little DOS prompt commands.

Pandora is an amazing music service. If you want to actually save the music to your hard drive to keep forever and forever, these steps will allow you to do it easily. Burn straight to mp3 with tags, titles, and sorting intact.

You need firefox as well.

1. Go to and setup an account.

2. Download and run Pandora’s Jar:

3. Click the Extract All Files link to uncompress the files to a directory on your computer. I use c:\pandora

4. Goto the directory that contains your downloaded files (c:\pandora)

5. Double-click on pandora.jar.

6. The file will launch and you will see something like:

Welcome to Pandoras Jar Attempting to lauch on port 80...OK
[ready, lets grab some MP3'S!!!]

7. Visit http://localhost in firefox

8. Firefox should load with Pandoras Jar version of Pandora

9. As you listen, the mp3s will be created in a directory called mp3 in your original pandoras jar installation directory (c:\pandora\mp3)

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